Business Numbers and Solutions

Direct Numbers are specialists in providing quality numbers and virtual call handling services to businesses of all sizes in the UK. Our numbers and services are all hosted in the cloud so this means no expensive in-house kit is needed. You can access all our cloud services by using our online management tool to give you full access to your numbers, services and call stats. Take control of your customer calls today.

Types of numbers


0800 Numbers are free to call from UK landlines. They are ideal for use in marketing campaigns to attract new enquiries.
0800 Numbers are publicly known to be UK nationwide Freephone numbers, making them highly sought after by businesses to provide to their customers.


0845 numbers are non-geographic and ideal for business use as they are widely recognised as company business numbers. The cost your customer pays when dialling a 0845 is not dependant on geographic location.
Many small and large organisations use 0845 numbers and they are widely used when promoting a contact number for your business sales lines. As a non-geographic number they can give your business a national presence to your customers demonstrating trust and reliability. With our package you will receive a host of call handling services and unlimited UK landline minutes. So no incoming call charges for your business!


03 numbers are classed as UK wide numbers and cost the same to call as geographic 01 and 02 numbers. If you receive free minutes on your mobile or landline tariffs then 03 calls will be included in your minutes. Taking this into consideration, 0330 numbers are customer friendly that will benefit your callers and increase your inbound calls because customers will not think twice about calling you from their mobile phones.
In June 2014 the Government will be forcing most organisations to move away from 084 and 087 numbers for their customer service and complaint lines. This makes 03 numbers the ideal choice for getting a new business number packed full of great call handling features.


We supply local area numbers from all around the UK which come with ALL of our services.

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Call features

  • One to one routing

    Route your calls to landline, mobile, voicemail or International destinations.

  • Multi outdial

    Dial multiple numbers simultaneously until the call is answered.

  • IVR call handling

    No expensive equipment needed, just set up a professional multi-level IVR for your calls.

  • Hunt groups

    Distribute your calls to the right department. Set up three destination numbers with voicemail to email.

  • Call whisper

    The call whisper service will play a short message before the call is connected allowing you to identify the call.

  • Fax to email

    No need to waste paper any more. Set your number to send faxes straight to your email address.

  • Call recording

    Record and monitor your incoming calls for legal and training purposes.

  • Call queuing

    Get high call volumes? Make sure you don't lose that all important call with call queuing.

  • Time of day routing

    Have the flexibility to route calls to different locations in up to three time zones and to six numbers per zone.

  • Online management

    Get instant access to your numbers and services with our easy to use online management tool.